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Archive for October 10th, 2011

Report Card Monday 10.10

October 10, 2011

Last week’s progress:

a. 4 x 400 two days.
Nope. I start strong most days and then blow it at second lunch or dinner. I need a new plan, I think. Or a new brain.

b. Run a little more than last week.
Done. By some measures, I ran a lot more than last week, since I actually got out on the road for one session rather than staying on the cushy track at the gym. I was amazed that the Nike+ lady still talked to me on my iPod since it’s been ages since I paid her any attention. I did feel a few twinges in my problem spots but nothing that continued too long after I did my post-run stretches. It was so good to get out there again!

c. Organize photo files.
Got most of the organizing done. Would have gotten it all done, but I got to a good point to burn some more backup discs so I did that instead.

d. Put bag out for donation and empty one box in the basement.
Put two bags out but emptied no boxes.

e. Ten photos to Find a Grave.
Did eleven photos (including 8 new memorials) and made two updates suggested by other members

f. Seven pages for DP and five PPing steps on AmMiss issue.
Did the pages but not the steps—the one I’m on now is very tedious and time consuming so I got bogged down.

This week’s plan:
There is no plan, as I’m taking a couple weeks off. I’ll do stuff, sure, but I’m going to go off checklist for a while.

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