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Archive for December 12th, 2010


December 12, 2010

Smallest blueberry pancake everWe’re having Snowmaggedon here (though nothing like Minneapolis and parts west had it earlier this weekend), and I am enjoying that it’s happening on a day when I can just stay inside. I haven’t even put on proper shoes yet, and it’s almost dinnertime. At some point, I will need to bundle up and go out and shovel, but that point has not yet come since it’s still snowing and blowing and no one’s out walking on the sidewalks anyway. Instead of braving the elements, I have been working my to do list and eating cozy comfort food, starting with the blueberry pancakes I made this morning. Cooking is not one of my talents, but I can follow the directions on a Bisquick box, so Mr. Karen and I began our day with platefuls of carbohydrate goodness, including the smallest blueberry pancake ever, a drip of batter just large enough to contain one berry. It was very cute, but that did not stop me from popping it in my mouth the second it was cooked through. But yes, I did take its picture about two seconds before that; I’m not entirely unsentimental.


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