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Archive for November 17th, 2010

Goal Wednesday, 11.17

November 17, 2010

So yeah, I skipped a check-in last week, since going on retreat meant I really lost momentum. (It didn’t have to be that way; in past years, I’ve gone for runs/walks while on retreat, but this time I did not.) I haven’t completely abandoned my goals though—I’ve been to the gym, and did some pages at Distributed Proofreaders, and finally finished unpacking from the Florida trip so there’s less clutter in the guest bedroom where my various suitcases and bags were taking up floor space.

Goals for this week:

1. Try not to eat anything bigger than my head.
2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice.
3. Weed through some container, any container—box, bag, cupboard, drawer.
4. Do a page a day at DP and update links as requested on Find a Grave.
5. Do three post processing steps on an American Missionary issue.


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