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May 21, 2010

Self portrait with clip in bangsA prominent feature in many of the weekly self-portraits I’ve been taking for the project I’m doing on Flickr is my forehead, which I perceive to be gigantic. More and more, I’ve contemplated whether I should add bangs to my hair in order to provide some camouflage, but then I remember how not into maintaining them I was the last time I had bangs (and how unskilled I was at trimming them myself) and back off. One day at Ulta, though, making my way between one section of nail polish and another, I came across the fake hair section and saw bangs in a box. Hmm, that might work. I waited until I had a good coupon, and went back and bought them.

 Self portrait with clip in bangsBefore I had a chance to try them out, I touched up my roots using a brand of haircolor I don’t usually use (but which I had a coupon for) and their medium brown turned out to be a lot darker that the medium brown I was expecting, which meant the bangs didn’t quite blend into my hair anymore. However, this week’s theme for the self-portrait group is “black and white”, which hides the way the colors don’t match. I was a bit disappointed that the instructions for the bangs mostly talked about washing and storing them and contained very little advice on how far back to place them or how to blend them in with one’s real hair, so I just had to experiment. Looking at myself in the mirror with them on, I thought I looked very strange—might just need to get used to them, and play around some more with where exactly I clip them in. Of course before I wear them out of the house, I’ll need to get my hair back to its usual color, because the world is not black and white.

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  1. Ro Says:

    Gigantic forehead? Um, no. Not in the least. That’s some sort of cruel self image, dear friend. Your forehead is completely normal-sized. Honest.

    I think you are rockin’ these bangs, though. Me LIKEY.

  2. Denise Says:

    Yeah, I’m with Ro. Not seeing the gigantic forehead on you. Now, MY forehead, that definitely needs bangs. And I can show you how to trim your own if you decide to go that route. I do it all the time.

  3. Amanda Page Says:

    A trio with Ro and Denise, definitely not seeing the giant forehead. I like the bangs on you in the first pic, very cool! The beauty of the bangs in a box, you can have both looks, whenever you wish. (Bags in a box works so much better alliteratively than the Australian word fringe. )

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