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Archive for February 3rd, 2010

Goal Wednesday, 2.03

February 3, 2010

It’s time to report on how I did on the weekly sub-goals I set for myself last Wednesday.

1. Keep a food log every day. Did this. It wasn’t incredibly detailed, but I did jot down everything I ingested except gum and water. It’s clear from that that I need more non-lettuce vegetables in my life.

2. Do two weight and two aerobic workouts. I did three weight and one aerobic, which I think counts as success. During one of those weight workouts, I was listening to an old How Stuff Works podcast about sarcopenia, which made me feel much better about my failure to aerobicize.

3. Clear the mail backlog. Mostly done.

4. Get those blasted condo files in the cabinet no matter what. Mostly done. There’s one I didn’t get into the cabinet because it’s legal size and the cabinet it letter size, so I need to figure something out there.

5. Finish post-processing one AmMiss issue. I uploaded it this morning, so I’m calling that a success.

Here’s what I plan to do this coming week:
1. Keep food log with an eye toward increasing vegetable intake.
2. Do at least four workouts.
3. Keep up with the current mail.
4. Get that last condo file in the cabinet.
5. Do a page a day at DP and a grave a day at Find A Grave.

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