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Quilt Retreat

November 10, 2009

Retreat houseI spent the weekend on a sewing retreat with some of the crafty ladies from work. We went to the same place as we did in June; it’s such a great setup that I hope we’ll be able to keep going there for a many retreats to come. Last minute cancellations meant only four of us made it, so we each got our own room—that made it even more relaxing, since I didn’t have to worry about disturbing a roommate or keeping my stuff contained. Originally I was supposed to have Friday off so I could enjoy more time up there, but with having to move the Idaho trip I wasn’t able to take another day off so soon. Still, I did manage to leave early on Friday and so arrived in time for dinner and a full evening of sewing. I ended up taking another woman up with me, as the person she was supposed to ride with was one of the women who had a change of plans, so I didn’t make all the stops I’d otherwise be tempted to at cemeteries and Big Boys.

Sewing border stripsFor most of the weekend, I worked on completing the top for a group baby quilt we’re making for a coworker. Other people made the blocks and, as is usual for this type of project, they were various sizes even though they were not supposed to be, so my first task was to add borders to make them all the same dimensions (and make them square, too). In the process, I tried to balance the colors and values. For instance, there was one very bright block that stood out, so I gave one of the others a similarly bright border to complement that. The plan I’d discussed with my co-coordinator was to use sashing between the blocks to echo what we’d done in the quilt we made for the baby’s older sister several years back, but once the blocks were bordered I liked them set next to each other so changed the plan and added a wide border instead. The baby shower is this coming Friday and while I’m hoping to get the quilt done enough to present it then, I didn’t want to start the actual quilting at the retreat, as there really wasn’t a good place to do the basting that wouldn’t have been in other people’s way. That meant I could start on another baby quilt I’d brought the supplies for, including a pattern I’ve never made before. I got a lot of the pieces cut and ten or fifteen blocks sewn before it was time to pack up on Sunday.

In between sewing sessions, we took time to stroll into town and down to the bay—the weather couldn’t have been nicer considering it was November. Having learned from past retreats, we only scheduled two meals a day, which meant less cooking all around (and we didn’t starve, either, as snacks were always handy). It was a really great getaway, and I’m hoping we can do another one in spring.

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One Comment
  1. Denise Says:

    Fun! Glad you got a chance to get away & do something crafty. I’m heading to Scrap Camp tomorrow; Wednesday-Sunday. Can’t wait, just crossing fingers that my folks’ move to Farmington Hills went okay today.

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