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Archive for December 8th, 2008

Public Service Announcement

December 8, 2008

If, while poking through the dark recesses of the bathroom cupboard, you find a partly-used tube of deep conditioner that you have no recollection of purchasing, throw it out immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, put it on your hair.

Trust me; I have experience with this. I am currently on bad hair day three, which is quite a feat considering my usual “style” is pulling my tresses back into a braid—kind of hard to mess that up. On day one, I thought maybe I just hadn’t rinsed out all of the conditioner and took a wet washcloth to my head after realizing it wasn’t that my hair was drying slowly, it was that is was greasy. The washcloth treatment didn’t seem to help very much, but I was mostly going to be hanging around at home the rest of the day, so I left it be. On day two, I thought my usual shampoo would fix things right up. Not so much. Today, I tried some Neutrogena shampoo, which is supposed to be good for removing residue. That helped some—the comb no longer leaves track marks—but my hair’s still not remotely shiny. I’m not sure what comes next: Dawn dishwashing detergent? hats as a fashion statement? professional help?


One year ago, no entry.

Two years ago, I made peace with my Belkin thanks to a friend.

Three years ago, I concluded I’m not a wild knitter.

Four years ago, I documented my first quilt.

Five years ago, I did a weekly check-in. I wish I felt that energized about my goals now. I suppose there’s no reason I can’t try to get back to that state. For instance, I could reinstitute keeping a food diary, starting today. Sure I’m feeling down in the dumps about a lot of things lately, but I can feel down and still keep track of what I’m eating.

Six years ago, no entry.

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