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Archive for April 9th, 2008

Go Mice Go Quilt

April 9, 2008

I put the last stitches in this baby quilt last night, a little over three months after I pulled a stack of fabrics for it out of my stash closet. About the time I was starting this project, I saw this picture of a quilt inspired by this pattern from the Purl Bee and thought that sort of design would be perfect for the focus fabric I’d chosen (a stripe from the Go Mice Go collection by Jennifer Sampou)—I wouldn’t have to slice through the horizontal sections to fit them into blocks. Modifications I made to the pattern: used 3-inch finished triangles instead of 4-inch (for more zig zaggy goodness), put one bigger triangle in place of some of the pairs (fewer seams to sew), added 3-inch strips and half zig zags at the top and bottom (so I could get the mice in there), made the zig zags more tone on tone (to balance out my strips being busier), did more quilting (so I could use two colors of rayon in addition to clear monofilament). Mine finished to 36 inches by almost 48 inches compared to the pattern’s 32 by 44. And now that it is finished, I need to start the next baby quilt, because that little girl is going to be 14 months old soon.

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