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Archive for February 29th, 2008

Leap Day Check-In

February 29, 2008

It’s time once again for me to step up and share my progress (or lack of same) on my goals since my last check-in.

Do I weigh less? Yes. I’m down a total of eight and a half pounds since January 1st. I’m not exactly setting records for losing, but considering I was on vacation for two whole weeks during that time, I’ll take it. I still haven’t gotten back into any sort of structured program, I’m just trying to eat less and better.

Am I moving more? Hard to say. I started the month another week of skiing, so that’s good, but then I was sick for two weeks and did pretty much nothing but sit at my desk and lay on the couch and sleep, so that’s not so good. I have run every other day since I’ve been feeling better, though, so things are looking up. I’m not last in the Nike+ challenge I signed up for, either. (I’m 50 out of 75 active runners in the challenge, which doesn’t surprise me at all given that the leaders typically do 10 miles at a time. I don’t do 10 miles a week at this point.)

Am I keeping less and organizing more? Eh, not really. I did move a bunch of magazines into the recycling bin this month, but other than that I haven’t made much of a dent. Maybe in March I’ll get bit by a spring cleaning bug and make some progress in this area. Heaven knows there’s plenty of opportunity.

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