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Archive for April 5th, 2006

A New Year Just Begun

April 5, 2006

My personal goal year ended last Friday. I haven’t been writing about my goals–my last check-in was back in June–because there just hasn’t been that much activity to report on. But I am not giving up. I still think having goals is a good thing, and maybe this year will be the year I achieve them. Before deciding what to aim for in the coming twelve months, here’s a review of the goals I set a year ago.

1. I weigh no more than 150 pounds and feel fit, strong, and healthy.

Ha. This is so not true. My net weight loss for the year was one pound. I gained nine; I lost twelve; I gained one; I lost nine; I gained eight; I lost ten–and so on. I know that’s not ideal, but being as heavy as I’ve been isn’t ideal either, so I’ll keep trying. Monday I started filling in the little circles in my NutriSystem (NS) book and trying to get back in control. I’ve been eating the NS food on and off since mid-August but haven’t really been on program in some time. NS is not travel-friendly, and I did a lot of traveling there for a while, which really broke my momentum. When I was doing NS faithfully (well, including the one meal a week I allowed myself to go off program), I was doing well–I lost almost 20 pounds in the first two months. So I’m going to try doing it faithfully (mostly) again for at least as long as the food I’ve got on hand lasts. After that, I think I may have to go back to Weight Watchers, which is a better fit for my lifestyle even though there is all that counting and measuring to do.

On the exercise front, there’s no good news, either. Once I no longer had any ski trips to look forward to, working out seemed less important–I can sit at my desk just fine without doing any Firm tapes. I stopped doing Nia because both of the classes I went to are no longer held and none of the other classes I’ve found are at times and places I can make it to–midmorning during the week in Ann Arbor is just do-able. I’m not sure what I’m going to do here. I know I need to be more active but haven’t yet found anything that really works for me.

2. I’ve seen at least three live performances in the past year.

I sort of achieved this goal. I say sort of because one of three things I’m counting is La Nouba, which is not only a Cirque show and thus a staple of my live performance diet in the past, but a Cirque show we’ve seen before. I’m also counting Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, which was live and in a theater and fun and entertaining but not exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of when I set the goal either. The third thing I saw was Disney on Ice: The Incredibles. I’d seen it advertised on the big sign outside the venue that I drive past most days but I hadn’t planned to go, but then one Saturday last month Mr. Karen was reading the paper and saw it mentioned there and we got to talking about it and I ended up buying tickets for a performance that night. It brought back memories of seeing the Ice Capades (or something similar) with my mom when I was little.

3. I have completed at least 9 quilts in the past year.

Nope. I finished five–manhole, heart, robot, story, and picture play–and contributed to a sixth. I also made significant progress on treehouse. So that’s like 6-ish, really. Still short of goal, but a good effort (even though only one was a charity quilt for my guild, not two like I’d hoped to get done). I did do a fair bit of knitting, too, which isn’t something I anticipated when I was setting goals.

4. All my boxes in the basement fit on the shelves.

Not even close. I did empty some boxes that were stacked on the floor, but I added more than I empted thanks to bringing things back from cleaning Mom’s basement at Thanksgiving.

Moving on–time for a new list. On March 31, 2007, these statements will be true:

1. I weigh no more than 150 pounds and feel fit, strong, and healthy.

Third time’s a charm.

2. I’ve seen at least three live performances in the past year.

Cirque shows I’ve already seen do not count, nor do concerts by bands I’ve seen live in the past.

3. I have taken the time to enjoy being creative by completing at least 6 quilts, one sweater, and a pair of mittens in the past year.

I’m tempted to add socks to this and maybe some Fair Isle, but I don’t want to get too ambitious. This one is supposed to be the fun, easy to achieve goal.
4. All my boxes in the basement fit on the shelves.

Yes, another carryover. But it’s almost like brand new, so little did I accomplish last year.

Extra credit:
5. The photo albums are no more than three months behind.

6. There are no folders of clippings hanging about in the office or the basement or anywhere else in the house.

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