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Archive for December 22nd, 2005

Spirit of the Season

December 22, 2005

At this time of year I try to focus on the goodwill toward men part of the Christmas story (which I learned as a child from Linus on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special because the Unitarian Sunday School I attended was not so much about the Bible), but it’s hard. At almost every turn I’m presented with challenges to radiating light toward my fellow humans, like finding that one of my coworkers is participating in the send Christmas cards to the ACLU campaign. I’d been happily ignorant of this part of the war against the “war on Christmas” until I saw her e-mail. “Two tons of Christmas cards would freeze their operations …”, it says. Hmm, let’s use Christ as a weapon–that doesn’t sound like goodwill to me. I am sorely tempted to send Kevin McCullough a Kwanzaa card or ten.

Sorry, sorry, some non-holiday spirit crept in there. Where was I? Goodwill toward all people, right. Let me start small. Let me start by expressing appreciation to those closest to me, who too often undeservedly witness my ill will. Let me give them not just material gifts but time and attention. Let me also take that spirit into the new year, because goodwill shouldn’t end when the holiday decorations come down.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But I know because I am me, because I am human and imperfect, I am going to slip up and say some mean things and think some more. Fortunately, Christmas will come around again this time next year to give me a goodwill booster shot and remind me to keep trying to be a better person. Yoda might not approve, but I think God gives credit for trying.


One year ago, I wrote a rare entry about what I actually do all day at work.

Two years ago, I was freaking out about my new office. I eventually made it better by adding a curtain at the window (I rarely close it, but it’s nice to know I can), putting my PC not where the keyboard tray is so I can face out into the hall, and buying two lamps to use instead of the overhead fluorescents.

Three years ago, I was trying to decide between two planner binders. I’m using the boy planner now, and the girl one is in my office closet at home, still waiting to be loved.

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