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Archive for August 30th, 2005


August 30, 2005

I wasn’t going to do another diet update this soon, but man oh man, today’s weigh-in threw me for a loop and I just have to share: I lost six pounds. Six. That’s crazy. First week of a crash diet, sure, I could see six pounds, but not now, in the second week of a supposedly sensible plan, the first week of which led to a three and a half pound loss. (Yeah, I called it four last week, because it’s four on my official log at NutriSystem as I managed to somehow lose a half a pound just waiting for the big box of food to arrive.)

I didn’t believe the scale the first time I got on it this morning–that had to be wrong. I didn’t even stick to the diet the whole week; granted, one conscious choice to have three pieces of real pizza instead of a little tiny dinner entree is not that bad, but it’s also no recipe for a big weight loss. I didn’t have any mid-week readings to compare it to because for I’d actually managed to resist the temptation to take a peek between weigh-in days, but six pounds down? That couldn’t be. I got off and back on–same results. I moved the scale to a different part of the floor and got back on–down six and a half. By the fifth time, I figured I wasn’t going to get a radically different answer, but still didn’t quite trust the results. It was only after Mr. Karen reported that he thought the scale was okay compared to the day before that I figured it had to be right. Crazy, but right.

And now, because I evidently have something wrong with me, I am already thinking about what next week will bring. Last week I thought I couldn’t keep losing at the rate I did the first week, and I was right–I lost faster. This coming week I figure I’m bound to really slow down. But I can only control what I’m eating and how much I’m moving, not what the scale will say, so I’ll try to focus on those things.

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