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Archive for July 3rd, 2005

Marking Period 3

July 3, 2005

Another month gone, another goal check-in to be done.


The bad news is I gained two and a half pounds in the first two weeks of June. The good news is I was able to stop there and go on to lose six pounds in the last two weeks of the month. That net three and half pound loss offsets the three and a half pound gain I had in April, which means for the three months goal year to date, I’m down that measly half a pound I lost in May. At this rate, I’ll be back to goal sometime in the next presidential administration. Bleah.

Nia continues to be my only form of exercise, and since I can get to at most two classes a week, that’s not really enough. Better than nothing, true, but not going to shape me up all by itself. One of the benefits of Nia is supposed to be becoming more comfortable in and with one’s own body. I definitely wasn’t feeling that in class Thursday night, when everyone else on the dance floor was both thinner and more coordinated than I am. I’ve been the fattest person in class lots of times, but this felt different. It was discouraging to think that even if were at goal weight, I’d still be fatter than everyone else I was dancing with that night. I know it’s not constructive to compare myself to others like that, but it’s pretty hard to avoid those thoughts when faced with a wall covered in mirrors reflecting just how big the differences are.

But I will keep at it, because even if I’ll never look like a dancer, I can look better than I do now. More importantly, I can feel better. My knee’s been bothering me more than usual lately, and I know taking some weight off it will help. So I’ll keep eating my fruit and avoiding Taco Bell and Wendy’s and McDonald’s and eventually get back to where I want to be.


The Ann Arbor Summer Festival that’s going on now would have been a good opportunity to see at least one show, but I wasn’t able to muster the enthusiasm needed to buy the tickets and clear an evening and deal with the parking hassles. I’ve still got plenty of time to see stuff, though.


I’ve got one quilt that only needs a binding, and one that I’m close to getting the blocks all sewn together, so things are moving forward.


I actually emptied a box in the basement in June. I sort of had to, since I needed the box itself to ship something, but after I used the box I did get the stuff that was in it sorted out and put in the appropriate places. A lot of it went into the trash, which is ideal.

Now I’ve got a new month ahead in which to do better than the ones that came before. We’ll just have to see how that works out.

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