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Archive for November 19th, 2004

Cartoon Baby Quilt

November 19, 2004

I didn’t get the charity quilt done in time for the November guild meeting like I wanted to, but I did finish this baby quilt just in time for the baby’s first birthday. It’s loosely based on this pattern from Quiltmaker magazine. I should have taken a little more time to design my adaptation, or at least paid closer attention while I was sewing it together, as I didn’t notice until I’d gotten the center section all sewn together that is was not the right size. Oops. At first I thought it was both too wide and too short, but then I measured (yeah, better late than never) and figured out it was just too wide. I pondered dropping the side borders, but I’ve had the idea of those borders in my head since last December when I bought this fabric with this particular baby in mind and really didn’t want to give them up. So I picked an end to take off and carefully unsewed the seams along that line and proceeded with my original plan.

Fortunately that mistake with the center was big enough to use up most of the glitch quota for this quilt. The border mitering went really smoothly–I only had to fuss with one of the corners and that one not very much at all. There are a few more pulls and puckers in the quilting than I’d like, but I’m guessing the baby won’t care. The binding was one of the best I’ve done in a while, which was especially nice after the struggles I’ve had with that step on my last two quilts.

I still think the blue rectangle in the border print is related to Towelie, but the baby’s dad was fine with that. We didn’t discuss the fierce-looking heart or the way that the trapezoid shows a different face when flipped.

I’ve got one more baby quilt I want to finish before Christmas and then one I want to do in January. The charity quilt will have to wait a little while longer. Fortunately, my fellow guild members are making up for my slackitude; there was a huge pile of quilts on stage at the meeting.

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