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October 28, 2002

Today, for your reading pleasure, I have miscellaneous updates about various stuff. First up, the uterus of doom. It turns out that the mysterious something my doctor felt in it is indeed a fibroid. When she called to tell me, she described it as being the size of a large orange. On Saturday, I got the copy of the lab report she sent, which had the actual dimensions of the tumor listed. Mr. Karen listened as I read them to him and said, “I’ve seen much bigger oranges than that”. He did a little work with a ruler and the fruit bowl and decided my fibroid was more accurately described as the size of a nectarine. Good to know. We did not have any fruits or vegetables large enough to stand in for my uterus, so I was unable to construct a complete food-based model of my reproductive organs. In two weeks, I’ve got an appointment with the gynecologist my doctor recommended to find out what my options are for treatment. I’m doing some research in the meantime, but of course a website or library book can’t answer all the questions I have about my specific situation.

I did manage to order some new checks after writing this entry about why I hadn’t. I looked at a lot of different websites but ended up ordering from a flyer I’d saved. I didn’t like my first choice design enough to order the online minimum of two boxes, which I figured would be an eight to ten year supply at the rate I write checks. The flyer let me order just one box, which was much more reasonable. I ended up with this design, mostly because one of the colors is purple, my favorite. I really wish I could have found a design with quilts on it, but the ones I saw were all too country cute. The one I picked is nice and simple, but not quite as dull as plain safety paper would be. After I’d put the order in the mail, I was going through the coupon inserts from the newspaper and saw ads for other check companies I hadn’t seen online and wondered if they might have something I’d like better. I restrained myself from running upstairs to look at their websites and torture myself. Time to let it go. They’re just checks; it’s not like I was deciding on a new car or cosmetic surgery or something really serious.

On the weight loss front, I have great news to report. After being 160 plus or minus three pounds for what seems like forever, last week I broke through and got down to 154. Wow. That means I lost three pounds last week and am now lighter than I’ve been in something like three or four years, maybe longer. I didn’t quite believe it on Saturday when I weighed in; seeing the same number on the scale this morning makes me think it is for real. What was so different about last week than the weeks before? I worked out for the first time in a month, for one thing. Doing two videos in a week is not quite up to what I want to be doing on a regular basis, but it’s a lot more than I have been doing. With ski season coming up, it’s even more important to get back into my strength and flexibility training. I also ate less last week, ending up closer to the middle of my total points allowed on Weight Watchers instead of at the maximum (or over). That’s going to be tougher to continue than exercising, I think. I’m going to have to lower my intake when I get down into the next weight bracket anyway, so it’s probably a good idea to start trying now. I know it’s not realistic to hope to lose three pounds every week, but it sure is nice to have made a big move in the right direction this time.

In my last goal-check-in, I wrote about having trouble doing a label for the group baby quilt because the backing fabric was upside down. I ended up not doing a label and we presented the quilt without one. The baby’s mom noticed and asked me about it, and I admitted that I’d been unable to come up with anything that didn’t offend my detail-oriented possibly anal-retentive self and explained about the fish on the back being in the wrong orientation and probably sounded crazier and crazier the more I talked. She stopped by my office the next day and said she’d thought about it and figured out what was bothering me and maybe we could put a label in the middle rather than at the bottom like I usually do; that way, it would be in the middle of both the back and the front, maintaining a certain sense of order and symmetry. Well, yeah, that might work. I felt bad that here I am, a supposedly creative person, and I hadn’t even considered that solution. Still, if we put a label in the middle, it would still be upside down either in relation to the front or to the fish on the back, so it didn’t entirely solve the problem. Then I had my aha moment—what if the label didn’t have an up and a down, wasn’t written out like a page in a book? That was the solution. This weekend, I stitched a block that had the names embroidered around a square set diagonally, so it was impossible to tell which way was up. I gave this label block to the mom this morning and she was quite happy with it. I offered to stitch it on for her, but she decided she could do that herself, so my work here is done. Next up, sewing the blocks for the boy baby quilt with pink accents.

In the really minor news category, I read an actual paper book this weekend despite not having the book club to motivate me, so my reading goal has been achieved for another month. Get the scoop here. Since the reading page is working out so well, I’m wondering if doing a “Things I’ve Cleaned” page would help me achieve my home goal. I can’t imagine it would make interesting reading, though for all I know there’s a fetish group looking for that kind of information. If I start wearing high heels when I clean, and post pictures, I’m sure I could drum up some interest. Maybe that’s just the thing I need to finally stay on top of the housework, a slavering group of fetishists waiting for my next nude shower curtain cleaning report.

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