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Archive for June 8th, 2002

The Wait Is Over

June 8, 2002

This morning, I could finally get on the scale after four days of resisting its lure. Last night I was filled with anticipation, like the night before Christmas– what would gift would the scale have for me? Well, like sometimes happen with presents, I was disappointed. I weighed the same this morning as I did last Saturday. That’s better than gaining, true, and it was three pounds less than Monday’s post-party reading, but still, plateaus are discouraging. I stuck to my points targets every day, the first week since I started the Wendie plan that I managed to do that, and got no results. Now I’m wondering if I need to move the very high points day from Thursday, where it falls based on the Wendie plan, to Wednesday, where I’ve ended up using it the last couple weeks. Thursday may be too close to Saturday’s weigh-in for the bloat to go away. It makes me feel better to have a plan, to have something to try.

I went to the Weight Watchers center to get my official June weigh-in done, and their scale showed I was 2.6 pounds less than at my May weigh-in four weeks ago. That’s not as much as my own records show, but I’ll take it. I don’t trust that particular scale there, as I was only a half a pound heavier there, dressed in jeans and a tee, than I was at home, nude. I know my jeans weigh more than that. It wasn’t like I did anything in between to drop weight, either. But, like I said, I’ll take it. Twenty more pounds and I’ll be at my WW goal and not have to fork over $11 each time I go. Twenty-four and a half more and I’ll be at my own goal. No reason to think I won’t get there on or even ahead of schedule.

I stopped at the fabric and craft store after WW to get batting for the quilt I’m working on (the baby was born yesterday, so I need to get moving on that, especially since the next baby in line is due in a month) and decided to treat myself to a gel pen, too. I love gel pens, especially the Sakura Gelly Rolls and the Pentel Metallic Gel Rollers. I like the variety of colors and the smooth feel of writing with them. They’re the only thing I use for writing morning pages in my paper journal. They make a nice little non-food reward to perk me up, so I marched to the scrapbooking section of the store to pick one (or two or three) out. Before I could focus on choosing which ones to buy, I had to remedy the disarray in the Gelly Roll section. Colors were mixed together, metallics and other types were in the wrong section, Gelly Rolls were stuffed haphazardly into the non-Gelly roll slots, some pens were sitting on the shelf at floor level– it was a mess. Now, I have similar messes in my house that I can ignore (my fabric closet springs to mind), but I just couldn’t leave the pens all jumbled up. I needed them all to be in the right places so I’d have a clear view of what was available, so I spent some minutes sorting them out and arranging them, which is probably a strange thing to do, but it felt good to do it, so I did. Once all the types and colors were nestled in their proper slots and all oriented cap end out, I could decide. I ended up with a fluorescent lime green, a hunter green metallic, and a black metallic, chosen with an eye to what I don’t already have and what the color scheme is for my current paper journal volume. Life is good when I have new gel pens, even if I didn’t lose any weight this week.

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