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Archive for May 2nd, 2002


May 2, 2002

I logged into my Hotmail account today to find it was deactivated because I hadn’t been in it for at least 30 days. All my stuff was gone, the screen informed me. Bummer. I like my stuff. Of course, I couldn’t remember what was in there that was now gone, other than a short exchange with a woman I know from a mailing list and some welcome and admin messages. Still, my stuff, gone. My pangs about this are a good example of why I have such trouble decluttering my life. I am very attached to stuff, both virtual and non-. It’s silly. Why bemoan the loss of files I hadn’t looked at in months and would likely never look at again? Because I got comfort from knowing they were there, just in case I wanted or needed to see them. And now they are gone, and I’m just a little bereft. Sigh.

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