Hat on Top, Coat Below


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Who’s Who

Pseudonyms are used for everyone except Bubba, and me, except I’m not on this page, so nevermind.

Bubba – Our guinea pig. Also called Chubba, Mr. B, and Bubba-san. He doesn’t care what we call him as long as the carrots and yogurt drops keep showing up.

Dale – My father in law, Mr. Karen’s dad. Lives in northern Illinois during the summer and southern Florida during the winter.

Erica – A friend and quilting buddy who used to work with me at Purple Systems. She’s about fifteen years my junior, so she entertains me with stories of her young and happenin’ lifestyle. Also the person who named Bubba; he spent the first two years of his life with her before she developed an allergy and put him up for adoption.

Fay – Mr. Karen’s second-oldest sister. She lives about 20 minutes from us with her husband and our furry nephew, a golden lab.

Joan – My mother in law, Mr. Karen’s mom. Has been married to and living with Dale for over four decades.

Kathy – Mr. Karen’s oldest sister. She lives in Washington state with her husband and four children, the oldest of whom is about to leave the nest.

Mr. Karen – My husband, whom I met in high school and have been married to since 1986.

Scot – My brother and only sibling. He’s three and a half years younger than I am and lives near our mom in the Chicago area. His two daughters live with their mother, his ex-wife two times over.

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