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Frozen Fractals All Around

December 26, 2016

We didn’t ski today; it’s one of the more crowded days of the year, and I’ve been fighting a cold. I did walk down to the village to check our mail, but not until after dark (which is about 4 p.m., so I wasn’t slacking that much), which meant I grabbed my Frozen wand as I headed out.

My new wand

Yes, my Frozen wand. It’s a souvenir of our last trip to Walt Disney World, but rather than sitting on a shelf somewhere, I use it regularly. It lights up and flashes and is a fun way to make myself more visible as I walk along the side of the road heading to and from the village when it’s dark. (No sidewalks along the streets here. There’s not usually much car traffic, so that makes the situation less fraught than it might be.)

Safety wand

As an added bonus, the non-snowflake end of the wand makes pretty patterns in the snow.

Wand lights

Sometimes I get real snow on the fake snowflake on these journeys.

Snow on the snowflake

I realize it’s a bit ridiculous that I’m a 50-something woman carrying around a child’s toy, but it makes me happy, and we need all the happy we can get in these troubling times.


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  1. Andrea Says:

    Now I want one.

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