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It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

December 21, 2015

Mother Nature is putting on quite a show decorating for Christmas here, with over two feet of snow in the last week and more in the forecast for the next three days. Mr. Karen and I have been more restrained in our approach, mostly because we’re still unpacking and settling in and adding more chaos in the form of lots of holiday decor seems unwise. We did set up the fiber optic Christmas tree when our guests were here earlier this month, and last night Mr. Karen put lights on the railing of one of our balconies. Oh, and we have two Christmas tree ornaments on the mantel (because they were in the box with the tree). That’s it for this year. And that’s fine. I like looking at the tree and the lights (especially the ones that are now glowing under the inches of snow that have fallen since they were put on the railing). And I’ll like how fast and easy it will be to put them away when the holidays have passed. Maybe next year I’ll be inclined to up my holiday decorating game.

Christmas lights


Lights and snow


Oh Fiber Optic Christmas Tree



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One Comment
  1. Bozoette Mary Says:

    What a pretty tree!

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