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Back to Reality

December 16, 2013

Last week, I was at Walt Disney World in Florida, not camped out in front of my computer as per usual. I will have much more to say about the trip in future posts, but right now I am focusing on getting back into the normal rhythms of my life. The adjustment is proving harder than expected. I overslept this morning, perhaps because I succumbed to some germs near the end of our trip and they’re hanging on tenaciously. Cold meds work to lessen the symptoms but there’s not much to be done for the brain fuzziness that’s part of the package. Once I did get up and on the road, the commute was slow due to the snow that fell while we were gone (many blessings are due to the neighbor who used their snowblower on our sidewalk so we only had to shovel those six inches or so off the driveway when we got back last night). Even though the roads were mostly clear this morning, there was enough slush and ice left to cause some trouble. Once I got to the office, it didn’t really feel like my office, as before I left for vacation, I packed up all my stuff and swapped out my workstation and chair in preparation for my whole department moving to our new building while I was gone. Except the move got postponed, but just for a week, so it doesn’t make sense to move all my stuff back in just to pack it all up again on Friday. All day I’ve been reaching for drawers that aren’t there and making trips to the supply cabinets for things I can’t do without. With any luck, I’ll be feeling better by the time the rescheduled move happens and will have an easier time adjusting to those surroundings than I’ve been having today.


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One Comment
  1. JohnSherck Says:

    By some coincidence, I had a friend who also was at Disney last week–her sister’s workplace not only gave all the employees a free trip to Disney, they required them to go, and my friend got pulled in. I’m not sure where she works, but I’d have to think about putting in an application if they’d take me….

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