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Getting Better

December 3, 2012

While I continue to struggle with stuff management, as discussed yesterday, I’ve made progress in some areas of my life over the years. Today’s case in point is taking photos in public. There was a time where I would have been embarrassed to take out my camera in the grocery store, thinking that other people might notice and think me strange. These days, I don’t especially care what the other people in the grocery store think of me. They didn’t even cross my mind before I fired off a few shots to document the poinsettias that had been dyed blue and purple and sprinkled with glitter. They caught my eye because I like the colors, and I like glitter, though I’m not convinced that glitter belongs on plants. I’m more okay with the dye part, mostly because being okay with it makes me feel there was nothing wrong with the experiments I did as a child with celery stalks and food coloring.

I like glitter, but don't think it belongs on plants

Unlike the poinsettias, the other thing that caught my eye at the grocery store needed to be posed to be shown to its best advantage. I could have bought the strutting organic carrot and brought it home before capturing its jaunty attitude in pixels, but I wanted to show it in its natural environment (well, not the ground, because I don’t think that’d be a good photo at all). So I propped it up against the conveniently contrasting spinach background on the shelf below where I’d found it and clicked my shutter, even trying some different camera settings to see which would show the orange to its best advantage.

Day 336 - Carrot steps out

While I don’t worry about the other customers so much, I do have some concern that I might get scolded by an employee (it happened at Walgreens in Chicago not so long ago) or even asked to leave the store, but I’m willing to take that small risk now, whereas in my younger days I wasn’t. I hope I can keep expanding the list of things I’m willing to risk in order to get more out of life.


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  1. beth Says:

    I love your strutting carrot! I took some stealth carrot photos recently too when I saw one as big as a t-ball bat at the farmer’s market: http://instagram.com/p/R43SgUCEMK/

  2. Bozoette Mary Says:

    That is some carrot! I love the pose.

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