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December 31, 2009

Some of my favorites from the 366-1 projectJust like I did a year ago, today I took my final picture for the photo a day project I signed up for for the current year. Unlike last year, in 2009 I successfully did take at least one picture every day. It certainly wasn’t always a good photo, but I’m happy to have completed the goal and feel no need to continue in 2010. I may be ready for another photo a day project by the next time a leap year rolls around.

I also succeeded at the photo a week project, which was a new challenge for me. The group I joined had a theme each week; it wasn’t mandatory to follow that theme but I found doing so stretched my creativity so I at least tried to match the theme each week. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for the successor group, 52.5 of 2010, and look forward to having more time to focus on taking good photos for that since I won’t be scrambling to keep up with a 365 project as well. I won’t have quite as much time as I expected, though, since I was just invited to a weekly self-portrait group and went ahead and joined that, too.


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