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September Check-In

October 6, 2009

Time once again to review how I did on my goals last month.

1. Weigh less and move more.

I said I’d go to the gym 6 times; I went 7, and thus lifted 18.4 elephant equivalents in September, up from 15. 7 in August, which is pretty good considering I was out of town for pretty much a whole week. I said I’d run 8 times; I did that too, even doing a 5K race I hadn’t planned on. If I hadn’t chosen to ride the stationary bike instead of hitting the pavement one day, I could have run 9 times in September. I said I’d do the Fitter and/or free weights three times; I did not, only managing it twice, but like in August, the sessions included both the Fitter and weights, so that’s fine.

I did finally go check my race results online; my official time was 36:31, so I don’t know if I misread the clock when I thought I came in around 38 minutes or what. If the 36:31 is right, that would be my third fastest 5K race ever, which doesn’t seem possible given how bad I felt while doing it, but since it wasn’t a chip-timed race, who the heck knows.

2. Keep less and organize more.

I said I’d complete one organization project. I didn’t do any one big thing, but did a few smaller things: weeded a 13-gallon trashbag’s worth of clothes out of my wardrobe and donated them to Purple Heart, put more pictures into the photo album, got rid of a whole bunch of receipts from 1998 (I know!) I found stuffed in a folder in the back of one of our filing cabinets, and sorted through and archived our 2008 photos.

3. Surf less and contribute more.

I said I’d finish 1 DP project and proof/format a page a day there. In a flip flop from the month before, I did not do the project but did do the pages, even making up the deficit from August. I said I’d add one memorial or photo a day to Find a Grave. I did way more, entering 96 memorials and uploading 118 pictures.

Targets for October:

I am not going to set any, because I am really, really stressed out by the condo mortgage process and don’t need any more pressure. I think I’ve established some pretty good habits this year so hope I’ll pretty much stay on track anyway.

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