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September Check-In

October 2, 2008

August was a step in the right direction goal-wise, and I really hoped to build on that during September, and I guess in some ways I did but it sure feels like I could have done a lot better.

Weigh less and move more: I weigh about the same as I did at the end of last month, which really isn’t surprising considering I haven’t been doing anything remotely resembling dieting. There are times when it seems there’s no point in trying, like yesterday, when I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a bowl of soup with crackers for lunch, a piece of fish and some rice for dinner and gained a half a pound overnight. Okay, I did have some ice cream, too, but only a small bowl, the calories in which were about what I’d burned off during my morning run. If eating like that is going to put on weight, why bother? Yeah, I know—water retention, normal fluctuations, blah, blah, blah—but still, discouraging.

My running miles were down compared to August. I did a bit of a taper for the race (probably not necessary for such a short distance, but I did set that PR so maybe it was a good idea), then later in the month I lost a week when I aggravated my iliotibial band again (it’s seems fine now, so taking that time off seems to have been the right call), then finally got zapped for a few days by the mysterious abdominal ailment that arrived just in time for the weekend but didn’t disappear on Monday. I missed a few gym workouts, too, but only a few, and I’ve been adding reps and weight and even a few machines to my routine, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Keep less and organize more: On the keeping less side of the ledger, I donated two big bags of books to Friends of the Library (including a few I’d bought from them in the first place, so that’s like double credit or something). In the organizing category, I made some order out of the chaos of photos waiting to go into albums, sorting things by date then actually getting about six months of pictures onto pages and ordering prints for the next set of pages I want to do. So, not a lot of progress but not nothing, either.

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