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December 27, 2007

So remember when I wrote about my fantasy football team making the playoffs? As you may recall I wasn’t feeling too hopeful about my chances, what with all the Patriots on my opponent’s team (including Tom Brady and Randy Moss). I was even less hopeful after I watched the Vikings game on Sunday night; I thought if I had any chance I’d need Adrian Peterson (27 yards rushing) and the Minnesota defense (30 points allowed, zero turnovers, zero TDs) to come up big. Yet somehow I won. Despite my QB, my defense, and my kicker all getting fewer points than their counterparts I benched that week, I won.

The key to my team’s success was one Andre Davis, a wide receiver for the Houston Texans whom I picked up on December 22nd only because Laveranues Coles was put on injured reserve and I needed a replacement. Mr. Davis did not turn out to be so strong in the receiving department this past weekend, but man oh man did he get some return yards, enough to get 41 points for Woe Is Me. That’s as many as my QB got that week, and the quarterback is usually the high scorer.

So now I’m in the championship game. Amazing, especially since I lurked in fifth or sixth place most of the season. Maybe I’ll have t-shirts made if I win. But I have no time to design a t-shirt, I need to figure out who I need on my team this weekend. The NFL coaches who are resting their starters are doing me no favors at all. I’ve already dropped several players who are in the real playoffs in favor of guys who aren’t but I suspect I may be screwing up my chances, since my team’s done the best when I’ve done the least. Maybe I should just set the line up now and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be as much fun as pondering all the possibilities.


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