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WDW Episode IV: A New Hope

December 13, 2007

(I admit there is no new hope in this entry; I just liked the title. Pictures from this day are here if you’d rather follow my trip that way.)

Wednesday we woke up remarkably early (meaning, before 10) and fortified ourselves with Tonga Toast before heading off to Downtown Disney for our big shopping outing. We loaded up on souvenirs at the World of Disney store (including a surprisingly grown-up looking Mickey blank book for my offline journal) then went to lunch at House of Blues, where I had some rosemary cornbread that was so good I would marry it if I could. We popped into the Cirque du Soleil shop after that, hoping to get the Corteo soundtrack. They didn’t have any on display, or any empty slots on the shelves for them, but Mr. Karen asked and the clerk checked and happily one was found in the back, so now we have the discs for all the shows we’ve seen.

We spent the evening at Animal Kingdom, as it was Extra Magic Hours. The animals all go backstage after dark, but there was still plenty to see and do between the shows and the attractions that were open. Most exciting was Expedition Everest, which wasn’t open the last time we visited WDW. There were so few people in line by the time we made our way over that we didn’t get a chance to fully appreciate the very elaborate queue. Ah well, we can wait in line another time. This trip, we rode three times in a row and then both felt a little wobbly and thought it best to stop. It is a great ride, and they obviously spent lots of time and money developing it, including the very involved backstory; it’s that attention to detail that keeps me coming back to Disney parks.

Next: backstage at Animal Kingdom.


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