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We Have a Winner

December 27, 2005

Even though it’s only the third day of Christmas, I’m ready to declare a champion in the most interesting tree I’ve seen this season competition: this symphony of green and white in I spotted in Idaho Falls. The ornaments were all either yellow green or blue green–no common green green for it, no ma’am. Since those hues would have gotten lost amidst green branches, the tree really had to be white. To make it whiter, a blizzard of faux snow was added, so much that it formed little drifts on some of the branches. But the best part was this: it was motorized. The whole tree rotated around its trunk at a stately place. I was fascinated, and never did figure out how it was accomplished without getting the cord for the lights all tangled up. (Of course I wasn’t able to disassemble it, either–that would have revealed the secret, I’m sure.)


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