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Winter Count – April

December 12, 2005

Ah, April. Let the Winter Count show that I finished a quilt that month, the well-documented manhole design, which now lives with Amanda Page because she won the first ever Hat on Top contest. Maybe someday there’ll be a second contest, but right now I don’t have any plans for one. Right now I’d just be happy to finish a project. I started quilting a baby quilt over the weekend and got so frustrated with myself and my sewing machine that I was about ready to rip out all stitches and start over. I did rip and redo some small sections; as for the rest, I’m really, really hoping this is a case of I’m my own worst critic and the recipient won’t care that the stippling is so screwed up.

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One year ago? Skiing, not writing.

Two years ago? Ditto.

Three years ago, I was dithering about window treatments. We eventually got top down/bottom up blinds for all the windows at Home Depot, choosing Levelor because they were the only brand that offered anything in purple, which I very much wanted for our bedroom.

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