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28-Mar-2008 updates


I Can Has Cheezburger and I Has a Hotdog
My sources for lolcats and loldogs. Me and tens of thousands of other people.

Fail Dogs
This has replaced Stuff on My Cat
as my go to site for pictures of animals I sometimes feel a bit sorry for but look at anyway because often they’re funny, like this German shepherd who does not respect the dogs allowed sign.

How can I not be cheered up by a lion who will support your happy? Or the idea that somewhere there exists a Grammar Crisis Room?

The Comics Curmudgeon I don’t remember what I was Googling when I found this site but I’m sure glad I stumbled across it. The comics are funnier when Josh reads them for me.

This Week in Milford Indepth analysis of the alternate universe of Gil Thorp.


Harry Potter Fanfic, Picspam, and Parodies

The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere
By Fearthainn. The first HP fanfic I ever read. Draco in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police–how could I resist?

evadne-noel’s Harry Potter and the Stone of Your Choice: Breadbox Edition
PROF. DUMBLEDORE: Let me put out the street lamps with my PEZ dispenser.

evadne-noel’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Breadbox Edition
DIRECTOR CHRIS COLUMBUS: This scene isn’t dramatic enough! Let’s threaten some lives!

evadne-noel’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Breadbox Edition
AUDIENCE is amazed WIZARDS have lasted as long as they have considering they don’t call their FLYING SPORT EVENTS even on account of LIGHTNING.

evadne-noel’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Breadbox Edition
DUMBLEDORE: Harry, I’m going to leave you alone in my office. Don’t mess around with my random rotating devices, my phoenix or my Magical Backstory Basin.

Mistfuls’s Prisoner of Azkaban
LUPIN: Let us wander out into the woods on another completely inappropriate example of teacher and individual student relations.

Mistful’s Goblet of Fire
LUCIUS: Don’t taunt the poor people for being so poor. It’s too easy. All you need to make your point is a sneer and an enormous pimp cane. Observe. Harry Potter! My pimp cane owns you!

Mistful’s Order of the Phoenix
HARRY VOICEOVER: ‘Dear Sirius, Winter is coming. The days are growing colder and darker. Cold like the hearts of those around me. (Nobody understands me.) Dark like my lonely, despairing soul. I have started to write poetry in a livejournal about my pain.

grrliz’s Two Seekers Seeking Love
Parts one and two are the funniest. Warning: this will likely make you giggle inappropriately during future viewings of Goblet of Fire.

cleolinda’s Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes

cleolinda’s Goblet of Fire in Fifteen Minutes
DUMBLEDORE: I must disagree, Harry. If you’re having dreams about Voldemort, I believe it would be unwise to linger over them, particularly if they seem to provide any clues, genuine or otherwise, to what the hell is supposed to be going on. My advice would be to fret in secret and let your presumptions lead to tragedy.

Clear Connection
Not Harry Potter, but something I found when I took a break from HP fic while I read HBP to avoid more spoilers. Short and funny (if you remember old commercials, anyway).



Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me NPR’s news quiz; it’s the perfect length for my drive home and makes me laugh every time.

KnitPicks Podcast Done by Kelley Petkun. Obviously there’s some emphasis on things available for purchase from KnitPicks, but I don’t mind that because I already buy stuff from them anyway.

Sticks & String I started listening to this one done by David Reidy because it’s from Australia and that’s somewhere I want to visit one day. I’ve stuck with it because it’s a quality show.

Geek Farm Life Done by a couple who have a farm in Indiana. I have no intention of ever being a farmer, but I enjoy hearing about it (and like the animal sounds in the background, too).

DIS Unplugged These are my people: grownups who like Disney parks even if they don’t always agree with what the company does.

Savage Lovecast For the voyeur in me.


eQuilter My favorite online quilt shop.

Quiltshops.com A great way to search dozens of quilt shops at one time. I’ve ordered from several different places through here and never had a bad experience.

Electric Quilt Also known as EQ; the quilt design software I use. I don’t use it enough, however, to have upgraded to the latest version.

Printed Treasures The best printer fabric for inkjets I’ve found.


Romance Novels

Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels Reviews, cover snark, and discussion of various topics related to the world of trashy novels.

Dionne Galace: It’s Not Chick Porn Reviews, cover snark, and occasional eye candy.


Artist’s Way Friends

These are some of the people I know because we’ve all worked through The Artist’s Way and now hang out together online to share thoughts about art, creativity, and life. I’d like to hang out with them offline, too, but we’re scattered across the globe.

Anita Eaton, who does beautiful drawings and paintings. She’s also a quilter.

Art Dreams Sandi, who does portraits and illustrations and other visual art.

Bianchi Art Ro, who paints.

Kay Pere Kay, who is a singer and songwriter.

Marcia The Art of Photography Marcia, who makes me want to get married again so I can have her do the photos.

michael nobbs dot com Michael, who describes himself as a “West Wales based artist trying to learn to do less.”

Planet Megan Megan, who makes powerful and wonderful photographs.

seanshannon.org Sean, who writes.

Snowbird Arts Linda, who does digital art and photography with an emphasis on nature.

Vision into Action Caroline, who does NLP training and coaching and consulting.

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