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A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 41

October 18, 2023

Monday, October 9: Another day of staying home and doing wound care. Happy to be feeling a bit better each day but still sad at all the things I’d planned to do that won’t be happening. The only photos I took were not fit for posting, being gross wound progress shots, but I did color this pretty picture in my Happy Color app.

Screenshot from a coloring book app. Image is a rendering of a Claude Monet painting of a church and surrounding buildings in Amsterdam.

Tuesday, October 10: Still not feeling up to doing much, but did spot this seasonal transition when I went to get the mail.

Closeup of two alder leaves wet from a fall rain shower. The one on the left is mostly green with yellow edges. The one on the right is fully yellow. There are branches and other leaves in the background.

Wednesday, October 11: Went down to town for a doctor’s appointment (check up on my progress, plus I got a flu shot because it’s time) and saw this lovely display of fall color. The nurse practitioner was pleased with my progress, so I just need to keep doing what I’m doing (including taking the antibiotics for an additional week).

Looking across a blacktop street to the line of trees displaying fall colors on the other side.

Thursday, October 12: When I stopped at the store the day before to pick up my prescription, I picked up a few groceries as well. Saw this new limited edition Y3000 Coke Zero and decided I needed it as a treat. The “futuristic flavor” is sweet and fruity. I was hoping for something with more bite to it, but I guess I’m not the main target consumer for soda pop.

My hand holding a 20 ounce bottle of Coke Zero Y3000. The label is primarily light blue and pink.

Friday, October 13: When I went down to get the mail, I saw that the chairs were up on the new lift.

Looking up at a ski mountain in autumn. In the middle ground there's a four seater chair lift. In the foreground, a slightly muddy dirt road.

Saturday, October 14: Mr. Karen arrived home after his solo portion of the trip we started together a month earlier. The mountain greeting him with this autumnal view.

View of ski mountain in late fall. An aspen tree in the left foreground is almost entirely yellow. The sky is blue with a scattering of white puffy clouds.

Sunday, October 15: Felt well enough to take a short walk with Mr. Karen. We poked around the village a bit, noticing the snow guns had been put in place and work was continuing on the top terminal of the new lift. They were running the new lift very slowly, too, and the lake was out for our viewing pleasure as we looked down the lift line.

View looking down a ski run in autumn, with a four pack lift and its poles planted in the run. There's a lake in the valley below.



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