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Archive for April 27th, 2023

A Small But Satisfying Achievement

April 27, 2023

Modern life seems to require having an assortment of cords close to hand, and because I’m sometimes at home and sometimes not and unwilling to buy duplicate sets of connectors for all my devices, my cords get carried from place to place. I had been doing this in a quart size ziptop plastic bag that mostly lived in the tote I take back and forth to the studio. The plastic bag would transferred to my backpack when I traveled farther from home. This system was working okay in that I generally could find my cords when I needed to charge something, but it was annoying to have to untangle whichever cord I needed from the nest in the bag. The bag was freezer bag and thus more sturdy than some, so had lasted a good long while in this role, but it was starting to get getting beat up. Instead of replacing it with another bag, I got a fabric case meant for the task.

Two bags on a faux wood surface. On the left, a dark blue rectangular fabric case with zipper closure and a small wrist strap. There are three symbols printed in white near one corner: a flash drive, a charging cord, and a memory card. On the right, a cloudy plastic zip top bag filled with charging cords, power bricks, and other electronic device accessories.

The new bag came with a card touting its features, such as “The closing method is zipper” and “With handle makes carrying more convenient”. Rather charming, and helpful if you’ve never seen a bag like this before.

Printed card showing various features of a bad meant to carry cords and other accessories for electronic devices

As it turned out, the new bag had slots for everything from my old one, with one empty spot left over in case I find something else I need to carry around. Astute viewers will notice I do have one duplicate in here, a converter for my phone so I don’t have to buy airpods. I bought the silver one soon after I made the switch to iPhone. That disappeared on a trip in winter 2022, so I got the white one. Then the silver one reappeared under the seat of Mr. K’s vehicle, so now I have two.

Bag with slots for accessories for electronic devices unzipped and open on a faux wood surface. It's filled with various cords, power bricks, a purple iPod, and a set of corded earbuds.

I am super happy with this new bag. I am a tiny bit concerned that my cords will wear out faster due to having to be folded up more instead of would in loose coils, but that may not be the case, and even if it is, worth it to not have to untangle them every time I need to use one of them. I considered getting a backup for the bag, but figure I will be able to find something similar if this one breaks or wears out and save myself having to store the backup and keep track of where I put it.


On this date in 2002 to 2022: No entries. Apparently April 27 hasn’t been a day for writing here in the past. Going forward, there’ll be this one to put in the history section.

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