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Archive for April 1st, 2023

Tabs I Have Recently Closed

April 1, 2023

The last update of the browser I use on my phone shows the number of open tabs. I do not like this feature. Yes, I know I usually have a lot of tabs open. No, I don’t want to see the exact number. If I know the number, I want to to do something about it. Make it lower. Make it prime. Make it divisible by 5. Something.

When I first noticed this new number, it was 54. That seemed like too many. So I went to see what I could close to get it down to something I liked better.

Closed (a partial list):

Realtor.com link for the condo unit next to mine, which is off the market but had been listed for a price that made me shake my head. (I was undecided about this one the last time I did this, but decided this time I could let it go.)

Realtor.com link for the condo unit next to the one next to mine, the sale of which is pending. I’d love to know what they got for it, but it’s not polite to ask.

Clinical study results for the nasal spray I just bought based on recommendations from some COVID-aware folks I follow on social media.

News story about a man my age from my home town who died after falling off a chair lift in Colorado earlier this month.

Google search results for Frank Schwindel, because Mr. K and I were watching a spring training game and wondered where he was now. In Japan playing for the Orix Buffaloes, apparently.

Two MarketWatch advice columns about retirement. I guess I like reading these to get reassurance, even though I am already retired and it seems to be going will.

Two tabs with Books I want to read; I put those into StoryGraph instead.

My Cunard page to remind me I need to look at that for dress code/themes for the gala evenings on our cruise later this year.

Several leftovers from my trip to Wisconsin; places I went and places I didn’t, a recipe for a brandy old fashioned, and the website to buy KariKari spice blend (who told me about that? I remember typing it in but not who I was talking to).

Product page for a foundation I was thinking about buying site unseen because I’ve had no luck finding a good substitute for my beloved and long discontinued Maybelline one.

Five tabs related to macrame: two patterns, one instructions for a way to finish the ends of the rope, and two product pages for rope (one I bought but it turned out to be way darker colors in person, and one I didn’t that’s now giving a 404 error so won’t be getting that).

Product page for some Fluevog boots I liked but couldn’t justify buying; they’re sold out now thank goodness so I’m not tempted again.

Left on Tenth band site (one of our nephews is is a member; they played the Treefort festival in Boise last year but we weren’t able to make it down).

Coca-Cola limited edition flavor list because I keep forgetting the names of the two newest ones I haven’t found yet (Move and Marshmello’s).

Post on a train spotter message board about a BNSF passenger train, because I saw one sitting on the tracks along my route home from the studio and wondered about it. I didn’t catch the names of all the cars, but Mt. Bearhat and William B. Strong were the same in the one I saw as the one posted about.

Muddy landscape next to a train track, with a piece of bright yellow and black heavy equipment in the foreground and a train on the tracks in the background, with orange, yellow, and black BNSF engines pulling silver cars

Remaining (very similar to the last time I did this):

The NOAA 7-day forecast for a spot close to my latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Picture of the capybara from Disney’s Encanto, because it still makes me smile.

The snow report for the mountain I live on. (I can let go of this one in a couple weeks when the lifts close for this winter season.)

Wordle. Still playing, though not as concerned about doing it every day anymore.

Quordle. Ditto.

Octordle. Haven’t played in a while but nice to have the option.

Shapewear size chart for a brand that looked interesting because it has a wide range of sizes, though my life really doesn’t call for shapewear now, except we are going on this fancy cruise so maybe.


Now it’s a more manageable list. It won’t stay that way all the time, I know that. Between when I started writing this post and now, I’ve opened and not yet closed two more tabs, so it’s an ongoing process.


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