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A Week in Photos: 2022, Part 25

July 11, 2022

June 20: It was one of those days when I hung out in the house puttering on my to do list and didn’t take any photos until late in the day, and then only a quick snap so I’d have something to put here. This is a close-up of the wall hanging that Mr. K brought back from India when he took his last business trip ever. It hangs near the door to our bedroom, in a spot that gets enough sun that the colors are fading, but we don’t have a lot of open wall space to choose from so we decided to just hang it where it fit and enjoy it while it lasts.

Close up of fiber art created from dense stitching in soft blue and tan and green in cricles and bars and other shapes


June 21: Spent some time in my studio down in town before heading back home in time to watch the Harmonious Live show being broadcast from Epcot. I can’t remember the last time I made an effort to watch something live on tv. Harmonious isn’t my favorite Disney nighttime show but I did enjoy the live singers. Still puzzled why they had both Idina Menzel and Auli’i Cravalho on but only had them do narration, not sing.

Looking at tv screen showing a live event after dark with musicians sitting on a stage to the left of frame, two singers on a smaller platform to the right, and a small crowd standing far right


June 22: Another staying in the house day, working on stuff. One of the things I did was write a post for my nail blog, which meant pulling one of these notebooks out of this battered plastic bag to refer to the names and numbers of coats I’d jotted down when I’d painted the polishes before I took photos.

Close up of a stack of spiral bound notebooks in a beat up plastic bag

June 23: Walked down to the village with Mr. K, taking the high road there so we could look at the construction progress (new condos going up at the same time as the finishing touches on the new hotel project are being completed) and the trail back to get a bit more nature in (and avoid the construction traffic). I think these delicate flowers might be what twinberry looks like before the berries form. All the berries are late this year due to the cool spring; usually we’d be picking hucks by now but they’re not ready.

Four delicate white and pink bell shaped wildflower blossoms against a background of green leaves

June 24: Went to the studio. Snapped this detail shot of the camper trailer that’s been sitting in the lot deteriorating for quite a while. Wondering if it’ll be restored ever or just towed away (or maybe towed away and restored elsewhere).

Close up of front of a camper trailer with a weathered sign reading  Rancho El Rae

June 25: Took the chairlift up to the top and did a short hike. Still a fair bit of snow around, so I built a little snowperson.

Small snowperson made from two balls of snow with sticks for arms and leaves for eyes

June 26: Hung out with friends in a park in town for the afternoon. One brought her adorable pup with her. He was very interested in our snacks, especially the chips and cheese.

Small brown and white dog looking up at something out of frame



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