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Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 9

March 7, 2022

Late with this entry today but at least it’s still Monday. Not bad for having houseguests.

February 28: Laid Joan to rest per her wishes. It was a small family event, led by one of the older generation who had been encouraged to go into the ministry by Joan’s late husband. The low headstone in the foreground is for Joan’s parents; the blue tent is over where Joan’s will be.

Cemetery looking from a row of headstones to a blue tent and black hearse in the near distance


March 1: Travel day. We had a deep dish pizza lunch at Lou Malnati’s before we headed to O’Hare for our flights home. Our connection out of Minneapolis was delayed, first they said by paperwork, then there was an announcement that one passenger would not be joining us for the flight; I’d seen a man walking up the aisle accompanied by flight attendants but thought he was just being moved to a better seat. We didn’t hear any altercation behind us so whatever happened, it was handled quietly.

Can of Coca-Cola Starlight


March 2: Back home. Slept in after our very late arrival the night (morning really) before. Went to the grocery store to stock up for us and for the houseguests showing up in a few days. I was surprised to see this basket with free N95 masks near the entrance. I’d heard of them showing up in some places, but given how few folks are masking here, I didn’t expect to see any distribution due to lack of demand. I took two.

Basket with a sign attached reading Free N95 Masks Limit 10 per Family


March 3: Big event of the day was walking to the village to get the mail. We could have skied, but it was foggy and wet and we had lots to do still to get ready for our guests.

Tire tracks and boot prints in wet snow on pavement


March 4: I’d gotten enough done on my guest prep list that I took the evening off to go to Spokane and meet up with some friends. I shot this scene at the side of the road as I left town for my night in the big city. It was good to talk to people I’m neither married to or related to by marriage after doing nothing but for a few weeks as we all worked through Joan’s death.

Landscape framed in a passenger side car window of low mountains at sunset in the background with small bare trees in the foreground and a lake in between


March 5: Our guests arrived before noon (despite a four hour drive from where they’d spent the night before), so we took them to lunch at one of the view spots in the village. It was a bit cold to eat outside once the sun went behind some clouds and the wind picked up, but we managed okay.

View with parking lot in the foreground, low pine covered hills in the middle distance, and a lake and mountains in the background


March 6: The mountain was on her best sunny behavior for our guests’ first ski day.

View from a ski run of trees with a lake in the valley below



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