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Archive for November 29th, 2021

Thanks Given

November 29, 2021

I’ve been back from that trip to the south I mentioned last time for not quite a week now. I’ll write that up soon (I’ve just started going through the hundreds of photos I took), but in order to not let November go by without any entries here, I just want to recap my quiet Thanksgiving weekend. I could have had a more social time but having been out and about for the first three weeks of the month, I declined those invitations and stuck close to home.
Never mind white Christmas, here it’s white Thanksgiving. It snowed much of the day, adding to the inches that were waiting for me when I got back from my southern trip.


I watched the Macy’s parade with Baby Yoda, then had my feast. Since it was just me, I didn’t go wild making a bunch of food but I did do a big pan of stuffing (dressing, I guess since there was no bird involved) since it’s my favorite dish from the traditional spread. I got it as close as I could to how my mom taught me (pork sausage is key), and that gave me the taste of home that I was looking for.


The day after Thanksgiving, the mountain opened for skiing. There was only one lift open, which meant more people on less terrain than we’re used to here, but I really wanted to get out there for at least a little while. I clicked into my oldest skis since I didn’t know how much cover there’d be (or if there would be so many people out there I’d get my tips skied over). The first run was a challenge, what with not having been on skis in months, fog at the top, so many people on the run, and me not being used to those particular skis with their long skinny selves. I didn’t wipe out, but there were a few iffy moments. The second run went much better. I decided to call it a day then, knowing I had so many more days to come that would be in better conditions.

I skipped skiing on Saturday, figuring it would be even more crowded. Saturday night it rained, which wasn’t a great setup for Sunday. I probably should have gone out to ski once I saw the resort announce mid-morning that they’d have to shut down Monday until it was cool enough to make more snow but I just didn’t want to fuss with the still wet weather. I did walk down to the village on Sunday after the rain stopped to get Saturday’s mail. I was not thrilled to see how much snow had melted and how much water was running down along the road.

The alpenglow was pretty Sunday night, though.

So with no skiing this week, I’m hoping to get more things crossed off my to list than I would have otherwise. And Holidailies starts Wednesday, so that’ll keep me occupied, too.

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