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Archive for October 1st, 2021

Wavy Socks

October 1, 2021

Of course I meant to write here in August. And of course I meant to write here in September. But I did not write here in August or September. I have things to write about, certainly I do. And I like having written, as it helps me remember things I don’t want to forget. The actual writing part, I seem to not be able to make myself focus on the way I used to. Not sure what that’s about. Free floating pandemic anxiety is contributing, I’m sure. Today I am determined to get an entry written and posted. I’m not going to try and catch up with the past two months all at once but instead just want to tell you about some socks I knit this year.

I started them in March, using yarn from my mom’s stash and inspiration from a pattern in one of her knitting books. I did the fan toe from the Queen Kahuna book, which Mom asked me to get her a copy of but by that time it was out of print (it was always self-published as far as I know … when I got mine I had to go on the author’s website and I think she maybe had it printed and comb bound at Kinko’s).

knitting book open to a pattern with two socks in progress on two circular needles

After the toe, I did a modified version of the Wavelength pattern from Mom’s book (Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes). The pattern was a multiple of 6 but I needed it to be a multiple of 8 so added a stockinette stitch at each end of the repeat. I worked on these on and off (mostly off) throughout the summer, picking them up during Zoom hangouts and sometimes while watching Cubs games off the DVR. I decided to do the gusset and heel flap style of heel rather than the short row heels I usually do, as I think the gusset makes for better fit (though I have yet to try the mini-gusset and short row approach, so perhaps I should in case that’s the perfect approach for my feet). I bound the socks off during the family reunion at the beginning of August, then still during the reunion, undid the bindoff because it had been so long since I’d finished a pair of socks that I forgot to end with a bit of ribbing to keep the tops from curling down.


I did the ribbing then bound off again and voila, socks!



I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. The pattern was easy to memorize, and I like that it breaks up the straightness of the stripes in the yarn. Since I cast these off in August, I haven’t started another project. I’m thinking of doing some socks for Mr. Karen with more of the yarn from Mom’s stash but we’ll see when inspiration and motivation come together.

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