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Archive for April 26th, 2021

Time for a Lull

April 26, 2021

The last day of ski season here was April 11th. The plastic flowers appeared in the village that last weekend as they’ve done every year in my memory. As sometimes happens, they got dusted with snow as nature gave us a blast of winter to remind us what we’d be missing.


Just prior to closing weekend, the resort announced they were changing their logo from the stylized blue snowflake it’s been the past 15 years or so to a green Old English-esque captial S. Many people were annoyed (possibly some of them the same people who were annoyed by the snowflake when it was new). I merely wondered what they’re going to do about the old logo stamped into the concrete at one of the lifts they put in two summers ago.


This past week, the resort announced they’re joining the Ikon pass this coming winter. Many people were annoyed by this, too. I’m leaning that way myself, because I fear it means far fewer times when it’ll feel like I have the mountain to myself. But I get it, the resort is a business, and businesses need money to keep going, and people who have Ikon passes will come and spend their dollars. Mr. K and I are leaning toward getting an Ikon add on to our season pass so we can go to other folks’ home resorts next ski season when travel should be less risky than it was this past one. And who knows, maybe I’m being too pessimistic and the Ikon folks will follow similar patterns to other visitors and thus still leave room for me to look down a run and see nothing but snow and trees.


Since ski season ended, we’ve had a few more sprinklings of snow, but mostly the melt has been proceeding towards mud season. With the roads pretty much clear, Mr. K and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood, which takes us past all the lots being built on. I wondered at this house, which appears to me to be a duplex with owners who couldn’t agree on matching garage doors.


We might still get in some snowshoeing before mud season starts. Other than that, it’s just hanging out at home with the occasional grocery store run to break things up. Once enough folks in the family are fully vaxxed, we’ll venture out on a short road trip to visit with some of them. Beyond that, I’m not sure what summer and fall holds. Stay tuned, I guess.

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