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Same Old, Same Old

February 13, 2021

It’s been a month, so I figure it’s past time I post an entry here. The thing is, I don’t feel like I have much to say since my life over the past month has been the same as my life in the weeks before, with the exception of the big change that I’m no longer infuriated by the President on a regular basis. I haven’t even been knitting or doing anything crafty (other than my nails, and I have a whole blog for that content). Some days I ski, some days I go to the studio and do nail stuff and poke at boxes and despair about ever getting through them all, some days I hang out at home and do household chores and otherwise work through my to do lists. Today is a hanging out at home day because it’s both a holiday weekend when lift tickets are sold out to capacity and wicked cold and windy (half the mountain was closed yesterday due to similar conditions). I’ve got load of laundry number two for the day in the washer and one of things on my to do list was to write an entry (I’ve been moving that from one daily list to the next for what feels like weeks), so here I am, typing.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining. I know I’m fortunate. I get to play on a mountain whenever I want. Even when it’s cloudy, the views can be quite wonderful. I especially like days when the mountain is in a clear layer with clouds above and clouds filling the valley below.



Mr. K and I have started to walk home on the trail more often than the road. In winter, the trail is an active skiway that accesses some condos and leads back to the beginner area, so we’d been mostly avoiding it in past years. I think having walked it so many times during the kitten rescue operation, it just seemed natural to keep using it. We’re generally heading home late in the day when most skiers have already gone in, and it’s so much more pleasant to be strolling under trees than next to the road.


Last week, I was walking home and saw a snowshoe hare dart across the trail. When I got to that spot, I walked over to the edge as quietly as I could and saw the hare sitting downslope a little ways, well camouflaged. It’s moments like that which make living where I do special.


The last day I was skiing before this break for the weather and the holiday, I wore two base layers and a fleece sweater under my coat, with my neck gaiter pulled right up to my goggles even when I wasn’t inside or in a lift line (not that there were actual lines with the wind chill being what it was). It’s like I have a “work” uniform, where just the details change. One day it’s the white framed goggles I got at a thrift store, the next it’s the purple framed ones from the ski shop. I have a wardrobe of neck gaiters I rotate through. This year I’ve been wearing both a fleece neck gaiter and a thinner Buff gaiter, so I can pull up the whichever one seems appropriate. I also keep a surgical mask in my pocket to put on in the locker room because it’s more comfortable than either gaiter or Buff when I’m indoors. Such is life this season.


It’ll be another couple days at least before I don my uniform again. At this point, lift tickets aren’t sold out this coming Tuesday through Friday, so it might be okay to go out even though it is a holiday week. I’ve already got my money’s worth out of my season pass, so I’m not stressing about it.

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