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Archive for October 20th, 2020

Seasonal Variation

October 20, 2020

Given that I did my end of summer wrap up in mid-September, I was planning to wait a bit longer to report on fall, but I delayed too long because this is what it looked like when I went for a walk Sunday morning:

snowy trail through tall pine trees


This isn’t our first snow of season, either. That came several days ago. On my walk the morning after that snowfall, I was greeted with bear prints on the pedestrian bridge I use to get over a couple creeks. It was a small bear, judging by a comparison of our respective footprints, but still I was glad to not cross paths with it in real time.

bear tracks in snow


Before the snow, we did have some fall colors. There aren’t as many reds and oranges in the trees here as I got used to in Michigan but there are some spots among all the yellows of the aspens and alders and tamaracks.

leaves turned red in the fall


view of a mountain at sunset with golden fall colors in the foreground


The most interesting visitor we’ve had in the last month was this moose calf who ate a bunch of leaves in our backyard and then ambled off down the road. Apparently our leaves were very tasty, as we saw this calf snacking on them two different times during the day. We didn’t see the mom, and we sure didn’t go looking for her, as tangling with a moose is to be avoided. I hope this little one fattens up some before real winter hits.

moose calf


I made an album on Flickr with all the seasonal photos from this last month or so. I have found what I think might be my new gallery option for this journal, but in testing it looks like using it will require some changes to my template, and if I’m going to do that, I’m thinking it might just be time for a whole new look, which means it’ll be a while.

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