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Archive for June 8th, 2020

A Walk in the Woods

June 8, 2020

One of the advantages of living where I do is having nature right here. The other evening, I took a walk by myself (Mr. K had taken one earlier when I was occupied with a task I wanted to finish up). I headed out from our front door and just a few minutes later was looking at huckleberry bushes to see how they were doing at this altitude—I found some proto-berries forming on bushes in places that are getting some sun.

huckleberry in progress


A little ways down the road I ducked onto a trail next to a stream rushing with snowmelt.

snowmelt stream


I saw the seasons facing off: winter lingering on the left, spring in the form of a trillium on the right.

winter and spring faceoff


There were ferns curling up out of the ground looking rather alien at this stage:

new growth


I walked up the hill a little ways and crossed the stream (on the board bridge that can be seen upstream of the tree in the earlier photo).

mountain stream swollen with snowmelt


On the other side of the stream, I happened on some mushrooms, apparently happy with the shade and moisture.

mushrooms growing on forest floor


I headed back downhill and onto the road home, then ducked into a vacant lot which is in no way ready to be built on. I weaved through bushes and over snow in the shady areas and stopped to snap a photo of a tree budding.

tree budding in a snowy area


I emerged from the vacant lot onto a condo building’s driveway and strolled the rest of the way home, refreshed from my outdoor break. I know that as the mountain gets built out, some of these spaces I now enjoy will disappear, so I’m enjoying them while I can.

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