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Archive for May 13th, 2019

April Road Trip the Second

May 13, 2019

The weekend after Mr. K and I did our whirlwind concert and family trip, I set off on a solo road trip to a conference. Neither the conference nor my hotel in western Washington were especially conducive to photos, but the scenery on the way there and back was quite nice, since I took the route through the Columbia River Gorge. I even took the time to find and stop in parks for picnic lunches on the way there and back so I could enjoy the view. These “picnics” consisted entirely of cheese and crackers and nuts, so nothing Pinterest-worthy but still more relaxing that grabbing fast food as per my usual habits. Since it wasn’t summer season yet, the parks were very lightly populated and I enjoyed the quiet.

Best shot I took on the way there:

Columbia River


Oh, this was at my hotel, so I guess this part was conducive to photos … so much spring in the air here compared to home, where the tiny wild flowers are just started to emerge, sometimes within mere feet of still melting snow.

Spring in western Washington


And this is the best shot I took on the way home, with a seagull who was eyeing my crackers and a view of the bridge I’d soon be driving across.

Driving home


The conference was educational and tiring and fun—several of the friends I’ve made in the Spokane area since we moved were also there, though I didn’t spend as much time with them as I’d hoped due to logistics and my energy levels re: talking to people for hours a day. I felt so grateful that thanks to being retired, I could stay over the night after the conference ended and just have quiet time on my own, then drive back in the daytime the next day.

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