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Archive for December 6th, 2016

Mo’ Driving

December 6, 2016

After we left Minneapolis that Sunday afternoon, Mr. Karen and I turned our attention to our next travel goal: making it to the Florida Keys by Thursday afternoon/evening. That’s only a little over 1900 miles; considering we’ve routinely done the 2100 from our Idahome to metro Detroit in two and a half days, having four days to make this trip seemed almost leisurely.

One thing we did with the extra time was stop and have a long sit down dinner on the nights the Cubs had playoff games. The day they faced the Giants in San Francisco in what would turn out to be a 5-hour, 13-inning loss, we watched at one restaurant until they closed, moved to the bar at another place across the street until they closed, then listened on the car radio, then finally figured out we could listen via the Sirus app (apparently that came as part of the 6-month Sirius trial package with our new vehicle) so we could at least get ready for bed in a hotel room while the game wound down.

Baseball and cocktails

One of our stops on the way south was Paducah, Kentucky, which I’d been to once before for the AQS quilt show. I hadn’t managed to see the National Quilt Museum on that trip, though, so was happy when Mr. Karen and I toured it. They don’t allow photos of the quilts, but snapping ones of the quilt-inspired stained glass in the lobby was okay. We also walked along the river and took in the sights there.

National Quilt Museum

I enjoyed that there were two of us to share the driving; that meant I could truly enjoy the view when it was my turn to be the passenger, unlike the solo drive I’d made from Idaho to Michigan earlier this trip. I was fortunate to be in that position for some pretty sunsets and our nighttime drive through Nashville.

Sunset along the road


Nashville at night

When we got to Florida, we decided to just go ahead and get a SunPass for the turnpikes. Sure would be great if they accepted the I-Pass, which I already have an account with, but no, they still don’t. When I drove through in 2015, I was hoping they’d have interoperability by now. We did use the SunPass a fair bit, so I guess it was worth the hassle.

We arrived in the Keys that Thursday in time to take a walk and see the sunset by our friends’ place on Cudjoe Key.

Cudjoe Key

Tune in next time for a report about our weekend in the Keys.


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