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Archive for November 30th, 2016

Oh Hey, It’s Been a While

November 30, 2016

Has it really been three months since I wrote here? Yes, yes it has. It’s been way longer than that since I wrote in my paper journal; what that says about me and the state of my life, I’m not sure. Anywhoo, Holidailies starts tomorrow, and yes, I’m doing it, so I thought it wise to give my online journaling muscles a little shakedown cruise today.

First things first: the camera, my beloved Canon Elph PowerShot, the one I’d resigned to the mountain as of my last update here, has returned to me. The end of summer season on the mountain is marked by a festival over Labor Day weekend. The weather this year, unlike last, was pretty darn good, so lots and lots of folks were up on the mountain, many of them taking the lift to the top and walking around. One of them found my camera on the Sunday, took a short video and some photos, all of the ground, and turned it in to lost and found. I got the call from them on Monday, just as we were walking out of the village. Despite being out in the elements for over a week (including some rain), it still worked. I was ecstatic. I don’t care that my backup camera (chosen as a service award at work, figuring the Elph would break for good at some point) might take slightly better photos, or that the Elph has a cracked screen and various other cosmetic problems, I love my little camera (and it is little, very light and compact compared to the backup).


First photo I took after getting the Elph back; still glowing with happiness:

Happy to have my old camera back

I’m not sure why I didn’t write about the camera coming home back then. I mean, that particular day we had houseguests, but they went back to their lives and jobs that night, so I could have, but I did not. In the days that followed, Mr. K and I did a lot of hiking and huckleberry picking and some huckleberry eating and somehow two weeks slipped away and then I was off on a long trip, which I will use as fodder for Holidailies, so that’s all here for today.

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