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Archive for April 13th, 2016

One Season Ends, A New Adventure Begins

April 13, 2016

I’m sitting here typing at my dining room table, looking out from my mountain to other mountains in the distance, ignoring the stacks of boxes in the room that still need to be unpacked, and feeling pretty content despite a sore back from overdoing things this past weekend, the last of the ski season.

Unlike last year, the snow coverage lasted pretty well into these early April days, and Schweitzer was able host a full slate of closing weekend activities, including pond skimming and a cardboard derby, neither of which I’d seen before. I ended my season in the sunshine with a smile on my face.

Dusting of snow


Pond skimming


Dinos in the cardboard derby


End of season smile

Even before we skied our last runs, we started our spring activities, including taking a walk along the lakeside trail in town on one of our days off the slopes. When I catch myself feeling envious of friends who are vacationing in places like Japan and Iceland and Walt Disney World, I remind myself that I live here now, among all this natural beauty that some people travel long distances to enjoy for just a short time. We used to be those people. Now, I’m very fortunate to be so close to so many beautiful places that I can access whenever I want, no waiting for vacation time.

Lakeside trail in town

I’d expected to feel somewhat melancholy after the resort shut down, but so far I haven’t, in large part, I think, because the day after the lifts stopped running, I signed a lease on some studio space that Mr. Karen found for me in town. It’s rough but perfectly functional for my purposes, with lots of natural light and plenty of wall space to design quilts on. Now I just need to get my fabric and yarn stashes out here. In the meantime, I’ll get my nail polish collection organized and swatch to my heart’s content.

Studio space

Here’s hoping my positive outlook holds through what I understand can be a grey and muddy spring season here!

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