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Archive for December 15th, 2015

Ski Day 1

December 15, 2015

Mr. Karen and I did some skiing today, on our second full day here at our previous home away from home that’s now our primary home I guess even though most of our stuff is still in Michigan. There hasn’t been enough snow yet this season for the whole mountain to be open, but that’s okay; it’ll take us a while to ski all the stuff that is open right now anyway.

1st Ski Day of the Season

I’m curious to see how many ski days we rack up this season. More than any other year seems a given, but how many more? Do we have a shot at joining the 100-day club? Two guys who reached that milestone here at Schweitzer were featured in an article in the resort magazine last year, and I wish I could find that issue because I don’t remember how they determined what constituted a “ski day”. Just showing up and doing one run doesn’t seem enough to me, but it is for some people who posted in a thread I found on a skiing message board. We did five runs today, and because there were no lift lines at all, that only took around an hour and a half, which isn’t even a half day if you go by time, but given how out of ski shape I am, my muscles definitely felt like they got good workout, so that seems like it ought to count for something. In the end, how many days I’m on the slopes is not as important as how much fun I have swooping down a groomed run or how accomplished I feel tackling a slope that’s just at the edge of my personal limit of steepness. Perhaps I’ll develop a way to count those experiences alongside my number of ski days.


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