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Archive for March 12th, 2015

It Goes to 11

March 12, 2015

Last week as this time, I was heading to Green Bay with the quilt from my last post, a basket I’d assembled of Detroit and Michigan treats (also for the raffle) and a ridiculous amount of clothes and nail polish. Destination: Weetacon 11. As per usual, I arrived after the early bird reception; this time it wasn’t entirely due to starting later than I’d like or making too many stops but also because I had to swing by my doctor’s office to get a blood draw so the health insurance company won’t bump us out of the preferred plan (and also to make sure my cholesterol and sugar and thyroid levels are good, but mostly because of the looming insurance qualification deadline). People were just starting to drift back to the hotel from the early bird thing as I arrived, so I checked in, chatted with a few people, loaded in all my stuff, chatted with a few more people, went upstairs to change (because I had to justify bringing all those clothes, you know), and spent the rest of the night hanging out either in the bar or the adjoining conference room that was ours for the duration. I pointed out to interested and non-interested parties alike how my nails matched my shoes. I so rarely coordinate so well I felt compelled to share. (I also hoped to distract attention from my horribly chapped lips, which were in particularly horrid form just in time for this event at which I’d be seeing and talking with so many folks I rarely see.) In the excitement of seeing everyone, I stayed up way too late. I’d like to say I’ll do better next year, but I sort of doubt it.

My nails match my shoes

Friday’s main event was a visit to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. There wasn’t enough snow for the planned snowshoe hike, which was fine with me, since I’d failed to sign up for the snowshoe hike. Instead, there was a guided walk through the mammal section of the sanctuary, and anyone could go on that, so I did (though it meant missing a talk with unspecified animals, but life is full of tough choices). Our guide had hand raised some of the wolves there, and it was very cool to see them interact with her. A lunch feast followed, then a movie screening during which I wandered over to the bird section and happened upon a screech owl out for a walk with a volunteer, which was also very cool, as was seeing a sleepy woodchuck in the arms of a keeper when I walked back through one of the buildings on my way to catch the end of the movie.

One eyed Eastern screech owl

After the nature center, we went back to the hotel and split up into dinner groups. I took the opportunity to change into a new outfit suitable for eating sushi and the bar night to follow. Bar night was more subdued this year thanks to it being a venue with no dancing or other hijinks. I sort of missed the hijinks but was feeling too tired to stay out late enough to see if there would be post-bar fun to fill that gap.
Saturday morning I took advantage of the nice weather to take a walk along the river to the indoor winter farmers market before joining some folks for lunch at a hamburger place. As often happens when I eat burgers in Wisconsin (at non-chain places, I mean), I got sentimental thinking about my dad, who was from Wisconsin and made me many a burger just like these when I was growing up.


After lunch, it was time for the raffle, followed by a group dinner, followed by a rock ‘n’ roll themed costume and karoake party. My costume was not hardcore; I went as an unspecified pop princess with rainbow wig and nail polish print skirt. (I had had some dreams of doing a cheese dress a la Lady Gaga’s meat dress but time got away from me, and I never got past the idea stage on that one). I was most excited by the fact that I managed to get my huge false eyelashes not only glued onto both eyes in reasonable locations but that they stayed there until I was ready to take them off. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that happen before; usually I either give up pre-party after struggling to get them in place or they start peeling up from the corners before the evening ends. Now, granted, this particular evening ended earlier than I’d intended since when I went up to my room to change shoes I just couldn’t motivate myself to go back downstairs. A person as tired as I was at that point should not get so very close to a cool and comfortable bed is all I’m saying.

Way more makeup than usual
Nail polish skirt

Sunday morning I had to pack up all my stuff and load it out into my car before closing ceremonies, then it was time to head out to visit with my Mom in Illinois for a bit before driving back to Michigan on Monday. Her outside cat has made herself a warm nest in the cushioned chair cover on the front porch, though with signs of spring starting to show she may not need the extra warmth too much longer.

Mom's outside cat found a cozy spot

I’ve been so busy since I got back that I’ve only done enough unpacking to pull out the things I’ve needed to get through the week, so I’ll get to reminisce about last weekend this weekend when I toss all the clothes I wore into the laundry (I think I wore seven outfits in the four days, though two of those were just layering variations), reintegrate my nail stuff into my stash (my nail-centric con report is over here), and put away the raffle prizes I won (some are edible —right now the jars of tasty stuff are sitting on my kitchen counter). It was another fun and tiring and slightly overwhelming Weetacon weekend; I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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