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Archive for July 25th, 2014

July Catching Up

July 25, 2014

On the theory that some posting, even mostly photos, is better than no posting, here I am with a round up of the last three-plus mundane weeks of my life.
I celebrated the 4th of July by putting themed window clings in my office at the start of that short holiday week (they’re still there now), doing a red, white, and blue manicure, and putting the flag out at our house on the actual day.

View from my desk
Remembered to put the flag out
4th of July manicure

My office fashion sprucing up effort continued, including this bright tank from Trina Turk, a new addition to my wardrobe. Unlike most of my clothes, I did not buy it at Kohl’s with a coupon or even from IGIGI, but direct from the Trina Turk website, which I ended up on only because two months ago I saw a photo on Instagram of a Mr. Turk tank worn by Dan Savage’s husband Terry. I really liked the fabric, so I went a-Googling and found this particular tank was $138, so that was right out. Poking around the search results for “turk jacquard tank” also enlightened me that the Trina Turk brand for women existed, and they had a tank made of the same fabric, but it was $198. Really? Sixty bucks more than the man’s version thanks to slightly more complex styling and black trim instead of blue? No thank you. I bookmarked both sites, though, thinking I might write about the disparity, then pretty much forgot about it. I happened upon the Trina Turk bookmark a while later and saw the tank was on sale a very deep discount (oddly, I looked today and it’s still on sale, but for a higher price than I bought it). I debated, as even on clearance it was more than I usually pay for casual wear, but I still really like the fabric, so I got it. I’m glad I did, even though the tank’s straps don’t reliably cover my bra straps in back (thus the black cardigan for work), because the fabric makes me happy to look at and wear.

Trina Turk tank

The blueberry crop rolled into Kroger just before Mr. Karen left for a weekend trip, so I took first shift of blueberry freezing for this season.

The blueberries are here

I’ve been making an effort to appreciate beauty when I see it, even if that means standing in the parking lot of a strip mall across the street from a Walgreens to admire a sunset.

Beauty and Walgreens

I’ve also been making an effort to log my food again, so I can lose some weight and fit into my ski pants this winter. I might need to switch to a different app, though, as the MyFitnessPal one congratulated me on my “good choice” of eating one of the anniversary edition Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop Tarts I had been unable to resist buying.

I am not so sure about this app

I continue to read and paint my nails and write my nail blog and have even been doing some knitting. It’s just the journal writing and going to the gym and getting organized and quilting and such that I’m falling behind on. Can’t do it all, I guess.

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