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Archive for June 30th, 2014

June Report

June 30, 2014


This is the face of a woman who wants to post more here and is perplexed about why that never seems to happen. Okay, not that perplexed; I am busy at work and use my lunch hours to write nail blog posts and other things take priority when I do get home at night. Regardless, I am determined that June will not end with me having made zero entries here, thus I am mining my Flickr stream for what I did this month that I found worthy of taking photos of.

I’ve been spending some time trying to organize and eventually reduce my accumulation of stuff. As part of this, I’d made a stack of boxes of nail polish. I failed to notice this stack was not exactly structurally sound, which led to a crash when it toppled over close to bedtime one night. The cleanup was arduous (and there’s still more to do, what with the polish stains on the floor and many bottles with colors not their own decorating their outisdes) but I did get a colorful pair of gloves out of the experience.

Nail polish disaster aftermath

I’ve been making sporadic attempts to spice up my work wardrobe. Here’s an Igigi top and chunky necklace I tried early in June:

Getting my fashion on

And this top and shrug were previously designated as vacation clothes only but this month they got to go into the office:

Vacation clothes for work

I went on our department outing to a Tigers game. Despite my best intentions, this was the first time I’d ever been to Comerica Park since it opened fourteen years ago. I’d walked by it to go to Ford Field, and I’d seen the Tigers play in Tiger Stadium, but never managed to get to a game until my workplace made it super easy by buying the ticket and arranging buses to take us to and from. I sat next to a coworker who’d never seen any baseball game before ever, so it was interesting to hear her questions and impressions.


Mr. Karen and I went out on a weeknight to see an Ask Me Another taping at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. It was general admission, not my favorite thing, and at the Power Center, not my favorite venue, but it turned out fine. An NPR crowd is not exactly a wild bunch as far as fighting over seats goes, and there was no intermission, so there was no standing in a long line for the bathroom during intermission which is my usual Power Center experience. The show was entertaining and it’ll be interesting to see what it sounds like on the podcast.

Ask Me Another

And I continued to be that weird lady who takes photos at the grocery store (with a camera, not even with a phone like all the cool kids do these days).

World Cup Coke display

I’d love to say I’ll do better in July, but I can’t promise that. I’ll do better when I retire, maybe?

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