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Archive for March 11th, 2014

Green Might Be My New Color

March 11, 2014

In my high level recap entry about Weetacon 2014, I mentioned I’d be back with details on the Igigi dresses I wore, which were provided to me free in exchange for my honest review. And yes, it was dresses, plural. When I posted my Igigi wishlist back before the event, I was hoping to get just one of those garments for review so was delighted when I heard that there would be two dresses waiting for me when I checked in for the ‘con.

The first garment I tried was the Jasmine Dress, which was a last minute substitution on my wishlist. I hadn’t chosen it initially because the bold print in the skirt was outside my comfort zone, especially since it looked like it had a lot of white in it. I tend to avoid calling attention to my lower half, and big flowers on a light background seemed like they’d do just that. I ended up taking the chance on it, though; since I was already pushing myself by not picking anything purple I figured I might as well try a big print skirt, too. Having now worn the Jasmine dress, I’m happy to say taking that chance paid off, as I liked how it looked on me and felt the print skirt was rather flattering, as the lightest parts of the design were down near the hem, drawing one’s eyes away from the widest part of my hips. (Photo by Shawna Cameron.)

Igigi Jasmine Dress with peep toes

I got Jasmine in my normal Igigi size, 14/16, and it fit well. The side zip made it easy to get on while still letting the bodice fit snugly above the fuller skirt. From the photo on the website, it looked like the print fabric might be stiff, but it was quite soft and flowy. The skirt has a solid green lining that fits closer to the body, so there’s no need to wear a separate slip (the bodice is also lined). The neckline has a touch of elastic along the edges, so it did not gap, which was good because it’s cut lower than most of my tops. I’d wear this to dinner at a nice restaurant or a touring Broadway show or wedding reception, but for a church service, I’d add a camisole underneath to lessen the cleavage. Jasmine is priced at $122, which seems quite reasonable to me. If I could change one thing about this dress, I’d bring the sides of the neckline in a bit to provide better bra strap coverage. The bra I wore with this didn’t have especially wide straps, but they still peeked out from the sides of the neckline and I had to keep skootching them over. I might sew in some strap retainers before I wear this again.

I accessorized Jasmine with a green and gold necklace by Sparkling Sage, a black fabric tote with faux alligator accents, and Betsey Johnson green peep toe heels with black lace overlay and cobalt platform. I think the necklace was perhaps a bit too bright a green; when I wear this again I’ll probably try a black necklace or even turquoise to echo the blue in the print of the skirt. I had to decide which accessories to bring without seeing Jasmine in person, so I was quite pleased when the shoes coordinated so nicely with the dress. Here’s a shot of them alone:

Dark green peep toes

Before I took off Jasmine, I tried it with a different pair of shoes, dark green pumps from Pour la Victorie, which were a bit less flashy than the peep toes. (Dress photo by Shawna Cameron; shoe photo by me.)

Igigi Jasmine Dress with pumps

Dark green pumps

The second garment I got to review was the Tiffany Dress in Jade, which was the top pick of those who expressed an opinion on my wishlist ahead of time. This has a square neckline that’s not too revealing; I could wear this to church or work without any adjustments or accessorizing (or worrying about having to skootch my bra straps over, as they were well covered). The most interesting part of this design is the bodice. The dress pulls on and then you customize the look and fit by tying the two long strips of fabric that are attached one on each side. I crossed them in front, then around my back before knotting them to one side in front, but I could have tied them in back, or looped them around each other in front before taking around to the back like is shown on the website. I accessorized Tiffany with drop earrings, a multi-stranded necklace, and glittery pumps. (Photo by Shawna Cameron.)

Igigi Tiffany Dress in Jade

I got lucky with the shoes again; though they were mostly purple, silver, and blue, there was a scattering of blue green in the glitter that went very nicely with the bright teal of the dress.

New shoes

The dress color was brighter than I typically wear head to toe, but I got lots of compliments while wearing it so that helped boost my confidence. It was very comfortable to wear; I stayed up late that night socializing with friends I hadn’t seen since last year and when I got back to my room I kicked off my shoes immediately because I had had quite enough of them but I wasn’t in any hurry to take the dress off; it wasn’t pinching anywhere, unlike those heels. I took a quick self-portrait before I got ready for bed.

Smiling in Igigi

In this color, Tiffany is priced at $118, which again I think is quite reasonable. It does come in other colors and prints, which right now range from $98.99 on sale to $122 for the newest print. If I worked in an office where I wore dresses, I’d for sure be buying Tiffany in other colors. I might buy another color anyway just for those occasions when I do dress up.

Not only did Igigi give me and other ladies at Weetacon garments to review, they’re going to be giving away $50 Igigi gift certificates to randomly selected commenters on our reviews. To participate in the IGIGI Weetacon Giveaway, go to the IGIGI website and choose your ideal garment for a special occasion, such as an important business meeting or date night. Once you’ve decided on a look, leave a comment on here on my review, saying which garment you want and where you’d wear it. Then go to the Igigi at Weetacon page to find links to the other ladies’ reviews, where you can also leave comments to get more chances at winning an IGIGI gift certificate. (All the reviews should be up in the next few days, so if they aren’t all there when you first look, check back later.) Comments must be received by April 20 at midnight PST. Winners will be notified and announced on this page and the IGIGI at Weetacon 2014 page by April 25th.


Updte 2-May-2014: Congratulations to Sharmishtha, who won the random drawing for the Igigi gift certificate!

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